a new technology to produce railway axles preform.

Presentation of a new technology to produce railway axles by cross wedge rolling.

Aluminum rolling

Beltechnologia & M has designed cross-wedge rolling machine model SP-3000A to produce aluminum forgings.

Technology cross-wedge rolling

Presentation video "Beltechnologia & M." Technology Cross-wedge rolling. 

Automatic induction heater and hydraulic press from Beltechnologia

Beltechnologia & M has designed and manufactured 30 Ton Hydraulic Press.

Cross-wedge rolling machine SP5000-2

Beltechnologia & M designed, manufactured and tested SP5000-2 cross-wedge rolling machine of new generation.

Cross-wedge rolling machine SP4200-2

Beltechnologia & M designed, manufactured SP4200-2 cross-wedge rolling machine.