Bids for road milling, boring, coal and salt mining

Round shank bits are used as cutting elements for road repair, coal and salt mining machines, boring, railroad repair, ragging and other purposes. The existing technologies of production round bits are based on forging and cutting.

Our company has developed a new production technology of round bits which considerably advanced their quality.

Round shank cutters are widely used as cutting elements for road milling machines, machines applied in mining, boring, railway bed repair, grinding and other purposes.

Cutter body is produced by means of cross wedge rolling, which increases its durability in comparison with cutters, produced by means of forging or cutting. When applying cross wedge rolling for production of cutter body, the macrostructure is formed in it with continuous fibres, which are axially symmetrical and compressed to the surface. It satisfies operating conditions to the best advantage. It allows to reach high durability of the cutter body and to minimize its surface deterioration in dragging direction.

Round cutters

We manufacture cutters with tungsten carbide inserts from different world manufactures.