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Cold Shearing Machine

A new type of machine for cutting bars into single billets has been designed.

The equipment was named COLD SHEARING MACHINE.

The machine is designed for separating round-section bars into single cut-to-length billets.

This machine is to be used for mass production.

The machine is a competition for band saws and billet cutting presses.

The COLD SHEARING MACHINE has the following advantages over band saws:

- higher production output. For example, billets with the diameter of up to 40 mm can be manufactured at 1 billet per 1 second rate.
No cutting waste.

The COLD SHEARING MACHINE has the following advantages over press cutting process:

- Higher perpendicularity degree of the billet’s end face about the axis.

- No burrs.

The machine has two forming rollers and two pressure rollers.

The operating principle of the machine consists in rolling of a groove with formation of critical section. Then a lot of cyclic load is applied to the critical section, causing bending moment leading to destruction of the material along the critical section.

The COLD SHEARING MACHINE is industrially used for billets ? 34 x 187. Material – steel 20.