Cross Wedge Rolling Machines

Cross wedge rolling machines are the production equipment meant for manufacturing of high-accuracy parts by hot forming.
Wedge rolling is used for manufacturing of completed parts, preforms for further turning machining and preliminary forming of billets for further die stamping.

Designation SP-AAAA-B-IH

AAAA – Length of the manufacturing pass
B – Type
IH – Availability of an induction heater

SP – indicates that it is a cross-wedge rolling machine with a flat die.

AAAA – designates the model of the wedge rolling machine, which is chosen from the following range 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3400, 4200, 5000. The figures correspond to the length of the manufacturing pass of the dies.

B – Type of the wedge rolling machine (1; 2)
1- Wedge rolling machines with one movable die
2- Wedge rolling machines with two movable dies

IH – the presence of this mark indicates that a wedge rolling machine is completed with an induction heater.