Ball rolling machines are designed for manufacturing of balls with diameter 20…160 mm by heating and further helical rolling. Ball rolling machines of JCS Beltechnologia & M manufacture are designed as automatic line with an induction heater it helps to make automatic production of balls.

Helical rolling technology of receiving steel balls is put in operation of our machines as against existing working procedure of ball rolling equipment. The technology is made possible to manufacture balls on the equipment having flat moving tools. Low cost of equipment and flat tool are the main advantages of our machines. Helical rolling technology is less time-taking and does not need special equipment application as it is with irregular shape precision tool.

Balls received by helical rolling by means of Ball rolling machines of JCS Beltechnologia & M are applied as grinding workpieces for ball crushers in ore mining, coal and other branches of industry. Balls received by ball rolling machines are also used in engineering industry, particularly for antifriction bearing manufacture.

The advantages of rolling of balls in comparison with forging and stamping are the following:

  • Balls received by Ball rolling machines have more regular shape and precision measurements;
  • Productivity rate in rolling is 3-8 times more than forging and stamping;
  • Tool durability of Ball rolling machines is several times greater than press-tool durability.