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Beltechnologia&M JSC has completed the development of the technology for manufacturing sleeper screws.
Beltechnologia&M JSC has developed, manufactured and put into production a process line for manufacturing sleeper screws using a new technology. The advantage of this new technology is reduction of production costs by 20...30%.


Beltechnologia&M JSC has started the production of the following types of sleeper screws: 

1.Sleeper screw acc. to GOST 809-71 (GOST 809-2014)

Price of a screw is 39 RUB/pc

2. Sleeper screw CP-54 (GOST 809-2014)

Price of a screw is 0,4 RUB/pc

3.  Sleeper screw Ss 35

Price of a screw is 0,43 EUR/pc

4. Sleeper screw Ss 25

Price of a screw is 0,43EUR/pc

Beltechnologia&M JSC has bought a production hall with the area of 2000 square metersIt is planned to install 5 process lines for manufacturing sleeper screws in this hall, with total production output of 20 million pieces a year.

A new production line for the production of ss-25, ss-35, cp-54 and other models of travel screws is currently for sale.


Advantages of the new technology are:


 - high performance. The production rate is 4.5 seconds 1 piece.


 - low cost of screws. It is carried out due to:

1. The use of 100% material;

2. Energy saving through the use of one-time heating;

3. Lack of flashing removal operation.



The processing line is equipped with:

1. Cross wedge rolling mill;

2. Hydraulic press;

3. Induction heater;

4. A tool for rolling threads and stamping the head of a screw.