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Induction heating unit IH-800 is manufactured for BELKARD JSC, Grodno. Heater is mounted to crank-type hot-forging press KA 8546, tonnage 4000 p.f.

Induction heating unit IH-800 is designed to heat round cross-section steel blanks for further die pressing on crank-type hot-forging press 4000

Identity and range of application.

Induction heating unit is suitable for billets up to 60…120 mm in diameter and length up to 115…350 mm for further die pressing on  crank hot forging press. Billet heating temperature – 1200±50°C. System maximum output is 2000 kg/hour. Work pace of heated billets is 13…65 sec. 
Average power consumption is 390 kW/ton. 
Area of IH-800 application primarily is large series and mass production.
Hs code 8514 20 100 0.

Date: 27.02.2012
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