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Machine SP-4200-2-IH in Mexico

"Beltechnologia&M" JSC has manufactured and started up the SP-4200-2-IH cross-wedge rolling machine within the territory of Forja de Moterrey (Mexico).
Forja de Monterrey (Mexico) has started manufacturing preforms for transmission shafts for Daimler (Germany), using the SP 4200-2-IH cross-wedge rolling machine made by Beltechnologia&M. The shafts have successfully passed the tests for mechanical properties at Daimler (Germany).

The cross-wedge rolling technology for the material 25MoCr4, as well as the dies, was designed and manufactured by Beltechnologia&M, .

The  SP-4200-2-IH machine is equipped with a two-row induction heater and a robot.

The machine is designed for rolling transmission shafts and preforms for crankshaft forging. The machine can be used to roll parts with the diameter of 40...130 millimeters and length up to 800 millimeters.

Date: 10.04.2018
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