About us

About us

Beltechnologia & M JSC

Beltechnologia & M was founded in 1992.

The enterprise includes a construction department and manufacturing area.

The company employs the specialists in cross wedge rolling technology, mechanics, induction heating, control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics.

The developments in the area of cross wedge rolling and induction heating include scientific and engineering potential, which consists of:

  1. More than 80 inventions
  2. More than 200 publications
  3. Participation in 27 international exhibitions
  4. Participation in 15 conferences
  5. Monograph Cross wedge rolling. Handbook in practical application”.

Beltechnologia & M is one of the leaders in the area of cross wedge rolling, induction heating and production of round shank bits for road milling and mining machines.

History of the "Beltechnologia & M":

The President of the Republic of Belarus Lukashenko visited the "Beltechnologiya & M"
  The Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Kebich visited the "Beltechnologia & M"

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Demchuk visited the "Beltechnologia & M"

Representatives of the «FORJE DE MONTERREY», Mexico visited the "Beltechnologia & M"

Wedge rolling association meeting in Bilbao, Spain

Meeting at the Fraunhofer Institute with Dr. Lorenz and Mr. Bolzun, Germany

Signing a contract with "Sistash", Turkey

Conversation with representatives of "EATON", USA

Letting SP3400-2-125 mill for rolling aluminum billets for subsequent forging at «THK», Canada

Letting mill SP5000-2-IH-051 at "Cheboksary Aggregate Plant", Russia

Wedge rolling meeting, Fraunhofer Institute Chemnitz, Germany

Meeting with an employee of the Institute "Fraungovera" Dr. Lorenz at an exhibition in Germany

Letting mill for rolling ball studs in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia

Meeting with department chief mechanic "Belaruskali", Belarus

Meeting with "Beltechnology & M" representative in Germany at an exhibition in Bilbao, Spain

Letting of a mill for rolling gearbox shafts at "EATON", USA

Letting of the mill SP3400-2-IH-127 for rolling grinding balls at "Sukholozhsky Casting", Russia

Letting of the mill SP3400-2-IH-093 for rolling balls in Blagoveshchensk, Russia

Letting of the mill SP4200-2-128 at "FORJA DE MONTERREY", Mexico  

Training of the Indian specialists technology cross-wedge rolling

Conversation with representetives of the company of the company "STEELBALLS", Turkey

Stand of "Beltechnologia & M" at the exhibition "Emmo", Germany

Letting the mill to the company "Kuzgri", Russia

Stand of "Beltechnologia & M" at the exhibition "Engineering" in Moscow

Demonstration of cross-wedge rolling mill at an exhibition in Bilbao, Spain

Letting SP2000 mill for rolling shafts in Lublin, Poland

"Beltechnology & M" stand at the exhibition in Burno, Czech Republic

Representative of the "VNIIMETMASH", Russia visited the "Beltechnologia & M"